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Originally published in May 2003 icon updated June 2008

SDSamantha Dickson was 14 years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, a diagnosis which was a long time in coming.  This understandably caused her parents, Neil and Angela Dickson much anxiety and heartache. 

Like all parents in such circumstances they wanted to know what could be done and were disappointed and distressed to find that very little research was being undertaken at the time.

Samantha died in 1996 just a few days before her 17th birthday.  In Sam’s memory her parents began the fight to improve diagnosis, treatment and survival. 

The Charity was registered in December 1996. 

Since then the Charity has grown from a kitchen-table affair to become the UK’s largest brain tumour charity. 

Since 1996 they have:

  • funded over 45 world class research projects

  • supported thousands of patients and their families

  • raised over £5 million

  • helped over 40 families set up local fundraising ‘umbrella’ groups

SD2In addition to supporting ground-breaking research and clinical trials, the Charity has also reviewed its research strategy with a view to introducing new areas of work including the award of Clinical Fellowships and is collaborating with Cancer Research UK to use their experimental cancer medicine centres throughout the country.  It is hoped to apply some of the breakthroughs in other cancer types to brain tumour research.  Review of research projects is undertaken by the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board as well as over 100 external peer reviewers worldwide.

The Charity’s patient support programme includes telephone help and information, support groups and internet forums.  The Charity is able to offer support to patients with all brain tumour types.  Information Days are also offered in London and other UK locations throughout the year.

The Charity has enjoyed the support of many celebrity Patrons including Dawn French, Jonny Wilkinson, Michael Crawford, Dame Helen Mirren and Earl Spencer.


For more information please visit the Charity’s website: or phone 0845 130 9733
Email:  [email protected]




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