The NCI is worried by the millions of cancers that arent

2015 Research

A new report commissioned by the American National Cancer Institute (NCI) and published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) talks of over-diagnosis and misdiagnosis being potentially fatal flaws for the current huge number of people with cancer.
Talking about most cases of DCIS not in fact being breast cancer (which we have told you for ten years or more) and high grade but benign prostate problems being treated as cancer, the report states that the practice of oncology is ’in need of a host of reforms’.

Part of the conclusions then relate to unnecessary treatment. Again reporting what we have told you before, the report suggests that chemotherapy drugs can make cancer stem cells more malignant and radiotherapy has been shown by UCLA researchers to transform breast cancer cells into stem-cell like cells with 30 times more malignancy post-treatment.

2015 Research
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