The death of Mammography



The death of Mammography?

A new book, The Death of Mammography (Jackson and Righi, Caveat Press) has emerged in the US.  A number of reviews have praised its readability and content.  The key thrust is that, whilst mammography remains the best available diagnostic method for determining breast cancer, too much litigation, over-promotion and high insurance premiums are all working against it.  Errors in readings and consequent medical litigation are ever increasing in the USA.  As a result, insurance premiums have jumped.  The authors fear such concerns will arrive in Europe shortly.  (Ed: The European Breast Cancer Symposium 2004 concluded that mammography was accurate in only 59 per cent of cases where women had dense breast tissue.  Thermography  – although usually at a cost to the individual of about £100 – is almost 100 per cent accurate).


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