The cost of living on the NHS

You may think that diabetes has little to do with cancer but increased insulin levels can push up oestrogen levels, which are linked to a number of cancers from prostate to breast. Also there is a very strong argument that the pancreas, which produces insulin, is also linked to a mechanism for turning stem cells into normal cells - in cancer they never turn

So icon found it quite alarming to read when we were in the USA that the incidence of diabetes there was now running at 8 per cent. As if that wasn’t bad enough, amongst the under 16’s it is running at 16 per cent!!

Worse, whilst we know that large sugar and carbohydrate consumption can cause spurts of insulin, there is research evidence to link hydrogenated vegetable oils, readily available with fried and fast foods, to insulin problems too. A diet of fizzy soft drinks, chicken nuggets and French fries is going to cost more than a large number of people their health - it is going to cost the NHS a fortune if they don’t plan some nutritional education programmes soon.

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