An Active Surveillance ’Prost8 Plan’

An Active Surveillance ’Prost8 Plan’

Eight natural compounds have been shown to reduce the aggression of prostate cancer in expert research studies over recent years; and with half of all men diagnosed with prostate cancer being put onto ‘watch and wait’ or ‘active surveillance’, these compounds should be common knowledge to those men.

Just diagnosed with prostate cancer? Start here!

At CANCERactive we understand that three factors are important in Prostate cancer.

First: Fat - and diet and exercise are important regulators.

Second: Infection - and 'down there' yeasts, viruses, pathogens and even parasites can cause inflammation and problems.

Third: Oestrogen - and this is why male bodybuilders who take testosterone have LESS prostate cancer than the norm, and anti-oestrogen compounds like Dutasteride, melatonin and indole 3 carbinol are so important.

But when you have just been diagnosed, what supplements can help you push back the need for surgery, radiotherapy and other treatments. Here are eight such compounds -

The Prost8 Plan

  1. Lycopene – tomatoes, tomatoes and cooked and processed tomatoes; best taken with black pepper and olive oil
  2. Indole 3 carbinol – broccoli juice, broccoli soup and steamed broccoli
  3. Turmeric or Curcumin – taken with black pepper and olive oil
  4. EGCG – from green tea, matcha tea
  5. Pomegranate – in juice or supplement. (And other polyphenols, for example Resveratrol from red grapes)
  6. Ursolic Acid – in Holy Basil or pistachio nuts
  7. Melatonin – the natural anti-oestrogen you make yourself at night time, if you sleep well
  8. Black Cumin seed – rub the oil around the prostate area, and/or take the supplement, it regulates hormones

These compounds have anti-estrogen properties and/or can attack cancer stem cells known to be in a higher proportion in prostate cancer tumours than many other cancers. More information on these can be found in the individual articles on this Website and in our overview:

Go to: Prostate Cancer Overview – symptoms, causes and treatment alternatives

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