Healthy foods in hard times; The Sunday Show 23/1

Healthy foods in hard times; The Sunday Show 23/1
On Sunday March 26th, Chris detailed for everyone, the healthy food options that, in these worsening times, are good value for money and provide healthy and nutritious meals; he also covered what he has been accumulating - not just healthy foods but medicines, supplements and high use items.
Nutritious, healthy, low cost meals
Bigger economic trouble is coming. You've hardly seen anything yet!
With Governments from America to Japan printing money, causing huge debt and high interest rates they won't be able to pay, and then incompetent bankers continuing to play risky financial games with default swaps and unrentable empty industrial buildings, we are likely to see worse to come in our personal lives and it could even happen before the end of 2023.
Add in a ridiculous number of fires in food factories, a potential diesel shortage, exploding trains, ports, and war. and you can expect to see further supply chain failure, more inflation and less food in the shops. What if ATMs and banks shut down for 10 days (some French banks have already said they might need to take cash from customers' savings accounts above 1,000 euros).
Amidst all this, you need good healthy, affordable meals. You need to maintain your health and your immune system. Who knows what pandemic has been planned next year?. 
On Sunday March 26th, Larry asked Chris YOUR questions, for example  -
* How can you have a genuinely healthy, nutritious, in-home meal at an affordable price?
* What foods and other items should you be stocking up on NOW before it really is too late?
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Yet again, this show is NOT TO BE MISSED as Chris sets out to bring you other perspectives that can increase your personal odds of survival, in this case, whether or not you have been touched by cancer.
As listeners all too frequently say, "The Shows are full of useful information - and inspiring."  Several shows now have had over 16,000 viewers on the Sunday.
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