Covid and Cancer - Spike Protein; The Sunday Show 23/2

Covid and Cancer - Spike Protein; The Sunday Show 23/2
On Sunday April 23rd 2023, Chris answered the key questions he is often asked by patients, like 'How do I detox from Spike Protein?' He also looked at exactly what Spike Protein is proven to do in the body, and how you can minimise the effects. No misinformation, just straightforward, honest research.
Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, and cancer
How right he was! Right from the very first Sunday Show - his research, his predictions, his Truth. In fact, we have had a steady stream of e-mails throughout the last three years, all along the lines of: 'Chris and Dr John Campbell are the only people we trust to tell us the truth in the UK and get it right'.
On Sunday 23rd April Chris addressed the three most important issues you have raised: 
     i) "What does the Spike Protein do in my body?" 
     ii) "How can I minimise its effects?"
     III) "Can I detox it from my body?"
He specifically looked at the effects on your lungs, heart, brain and microbiome, with a section on overcoming Long Covid.
We have now had a Sunday Show on Covid and Cancer every year about this time. Every show, originally shown to a very large audience, has subsequently been taken down by YouTube (Google). Yet all the answers came from research on the front page of Google, and many of those from Government data.
We brought the Show out on both YouTube and also on Rumble, which allows honest comment and research information.
You can watch the show any time as a member of the CANCERactive Community.
The Sunday Show 2023
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