Ten natural compounds that prevent chemoresistance

Ten natural compounds that prevent chemoresistance

Cancer cells can become resistant to drugs over time; how might you extend the life and effectiveness of your drug?


Chemoresistance is a real problem; it is why cancer drugs stop working after a while. This can be worrying for all patients, especially those taking a drug that has resulted in stable disease.


How might cancer cells be ‘re-sensitised’, so that the chemo works longer?


In no particular order, here are ten compounds that are known to reduce chemo-resistance. We will amplify this Blog over coming week. We prepared it to urgently help a couple of patients.


Ten ways to reduce chemo-resistance


1. Berberine

2. Quercetin

3  Honokiol

4. Melatonin

5. Turmeric

6. Hyperbaric Oxygen

7. Resveratrol

8. Milk Thistle

9. Ivermectin

10. Niclosamide


In most cases the research to date only covers one or two drugs with a specific cancer. But I will amplify this list with more evidence as I get time.


Go to: Natural Compounds that help PARP drugs work better.


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