Tell Me a Little About Colon Cancer


Quick facts

Colon cancer risk can be hereditary but there is much you can do to prevent this cancer. The UK charity Colon Cancer Concern provides the following advice:

Pint of beer

  • Cut animal fats and red meat

  • Cut alcohol consumption

  • Eat more vegetables and fibre

  • Cut caffeine consumption

  • Watch your weight

  • Increase fluid intake

  • Watch your bowel movements!

This is by no means all you can do. Research indicates the following:

a) In the Iowa study there was a clear link between garlic consumption and reduced levels of colon cancer.

b) Both animal fats and alcohol increase the production of a carcinogenic bile acid. Consuming these two ’foods’ literally causes you to poison yourself. Omega 3 and vitamin D cause suppression of this acid. (Fish oils - but not natural cod liver oil unless supplemented - provide both.)

c) Aspirin in small doses also has this effect, whilst furthermore it reduces the size of pre-cancerous polyps.

d) Folic acid has been clearly shown to reduce colon and bowel cancer.

e) Taking acidophilus and other friendly bacteria is no bad thing.

f) Finally, everybody over 50 (but particularly men) can be annually screened. Sigmoidoscopy seems to be the favoured and safe method. Increase your antioxidant levels, keep a clean liver, avoiding parasites, maintain regular soft bowel movements, take in plenty of clean water and fresh vegetables. Follow the general principles of cancer prevention.

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