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Beating Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Journey



My breast cancer diagnosis was something of a shock because I should never have got it if having a healthy lifestyle is anything to go by. Anyway, there I am convinced that I am doing all I can to maintain my good health when a mammogram is suspicious. I am asked to have an ultrasound and a biopsy. I agree and am asked to return in two weeks but after a few days the hospital ring me and ask me to come back earlier.


Back I go for more biopsies and sure enough I have breast cancer the good news is that it is very small, and I don’t need a mastectomy. The bad news is that it is HRT positive and I well need chemo, plus Herceptin and radiotherapy.

I am convinced that they have mixed up my notes with someone else’s because I feel fine and I look fine, they assure me there is no mistake and so I have surgery first and 6 weeks later start the chemo. I had stage 1 and no lymph nodes were involved, the cancer was 5mm with clear margins, apparently that is the smallest they have on their scale.




I was due to have 6 rounds of chemo, but they stopped after 4 because my blood count went too low. That happens a lot but because I was also having Herceptin my doctor said I could stop, and he would bring the radiation forward.


Herceptin can damage your heart so began to take Pycnogenol and CoQ10 when my heart scan dropped (you get regular heart scans when you are on Herceptin). I had read a study saying they helped with heart failure and sure enough my readings improved with the next scan.

I am not taking any cancer medication now; I did not have the oestrogen driven cancer so never did get tamoxifen or anything like that.

I try to stay well by eating lots of vegetables, adequate protein, taking care of my gut flora and vitamin D levels. I exercise and I meditate BUT I have to say that I have always done that even before my diagnosis. All I can think of is that I would be dead by now if I did not pay close attention to my health.


Beating Breast Cancer
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