Prepare yourself well for cancer surgery

(Chris Woollams. CANCERactive) 60 per cent of cancer patients have some sort of surgery; sometimes for diagnosis, sometimes for treatment.

1. Understand surgery is unlikely to rid your whole body of cancer

Some surgeons will tell you that they are going to cut all the cancer away. Some will even tell you afterwards that you are now All Clear. Both claims are completely irresponsible.

In our view cancer is a disease of the whole body; it may appear in a localised lump. If your rose had three blackspots on one leaf, and you tore the leaf off and destroyed it, would you think the blackspot disease had left the plant? So too with cancer.

Our view is that cancer is a multi-step process; from inflammation of cells, to rogue cells, to blood supplies and growth factors, and tumour formation and metastases to name just a few of the cancer steps in the process.

You will be told that if the oncologists diagnose your cancer early, then you will have a greater chance of survival, and this may be true. But all the latest research points to the fact that very early on in the process, rogue cells containing messages are fired off from the original location, to lie dormant around your body. 

2. Prepare your whole body

There is research showing that people who meditate before surgery lose less blood.

Maybe you want to heal the wounds and cuts more quickly without scarring - look at taking total vitamin E.

Make sure your immune system is in tip top condition before the surgery.

Maybe you are worried about the antibiotics damaging your good bacteria and that you might get bad yeasts, cystitis, thrush, mouth ulcers and bloating afterwards - look at taking oregano oil, pau darco, or caprylic acid to kill the yeasts. Take a top quality probiotic like Chris Woollams Probio8 Max - its practitioner Strength.

It might be a good idea to read our best-selling book to sort out potential gut problems. Go to: Heal your Gut, Heal your Body 

3. Dont risk the surgery spreading the cancer

If you are going to have surgery (even just a biopsy) MAKE SURE YOU READ THE ARTICLE Can surgery spread cancer? and prepare yourself thoroughly before you go into surgery. You should look into taking an antihistamine - like Tagamet or Loratadine. There is so much you can do to increase your personal odds of beating the disease.  

Go to: Can Surgery Spread Cancer?

Pre-menopausal women need to know that Guys Hospital conducted research showing that breast cancer patients who have surgery in the second half of their cycle (when progesterone dominates) have much better survival rates than breast cancer patients having operations in the first part of their cycle (when oestrogen dominates).

And men who have prostate surgery should go to a surgeon with a lot of operations under his belt. The more he has completed the less your risk of side-effects. Theres research on that too.

4. Alternatives to surgery

Alternatively, you may want to skip the surgery and plump for HIFU - a form of ultrasound that melts away the tumour. Or localised hyperthermia, or the Nanoknife IRE.

Just to be really controversial, you could look at using a herbal poultice to kill the cancer tumour and draw it out of the body. Far fetched - see Black Salve on this website.

We have research on all of this! Look in our Search system - at the top right of our page.

Also you should take a look at our simple guide to surgery - it will give you some of the questions you should ask in advance!

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