Suretouch Visual Mapping System

Suretouch Visual Mapping System




SureTouch™ Visual Mapping System Digital Breast Exam - Visualising the Sense of Touch.


Suretouch1Medical Tactile Imaging (UK) Ltd has introduced new technology designed to help doctors and women with the early detection of breast cancer. The technology, the SureTouch™ Visual Mapping System gives doctors their first ever opportunity to electronically document the clinical Breast Exam in an accurate and reproducible format. SureTouch™ is able to effectively map dense breast tissue, something that up until now has been difficult to do.
“SureTouch™ offers all women aged 18 and over the opportunity to have an accurate, sensitive, pain and radiation-free Breast exam by their own GP or screening centre” says UK Director Chris Blakey.
“The technology has been developed in America over the past five years and has been proven to be over 94 per cent accurate in recognising malignant tumours in all breast tissue during clinical trials and in effect can reduce the number of needless benign biopsies."
SureTouch™ uses tactile sensing technology to measure the reactive pressures generated by changes in breast tissue caused by developing lesions.
“For women under 40, SureTouch offers for the first time an accurate and comfortable screening solution,” he says. It also offers clinicians a vital addition to their armament in the early detection of breast cancer, to support assessment and to view progress of treatment.
From a medicological perspective it is an invaluable aid in electronically documenting the Clinical Breast Exam. The SureTouch™ system is relatively inexpensive and can be used by trained medical and nursing staff.
For more information email:[email protected] or call 0191 3730927 or visit their web site:


Accurate: Proven to be over 94% accurate in recognising malignant lesions in all clinical
trials. Can be used on women of any age. Effectively and accurately images all dense
breast tissue.

Objective & Reproducible: SureTouch™ provides palpation images that are reproducible by different trained examiners,virtually eliminating the subjective nature of the CBE. Allows for patient history to be established by any examiner.Suretouch2

Non-Invasive & Comfortable: A sterile sheath covers the tactile probe and a nontoxic,
non-irritating lubricant keeps the patient comfortable while gliding it over the breast.

Real Time Imaging: Simply palpate suspicious lesions with the hand held sensor and SureTouch™ instantly creates full colour 2D & 3D images on the SureTouch™ screen. Collected data includes the size, shape and relative hardness of the lesion.

Saves Time: In seconds, SureTouch™ prints an objective record to augment the patient’s chart.

Remote Support: MTI’s clinical research partners, Artann Laboratories, provide valuable
on-line support and analysis via the integrated wireless protocols incorporated in each system.

Customisable Report: Each full colour report can be customised for your practice and include all the required clinic reference information.

Lightweight & Portable: The SureTouch™ Visual Mapping System’s unique lightweight design allows for it to be easily transported for home and or remote location examinations.

For more information email:[email protected] or call 0191 3730927 or visit their web site:

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