Study shows aluminium in everyday products can cause Breast cancer

Study shows aluminium in everyday products can cause Breast cancer

Aluminium (aluminum) salts frequently used in many industrial compounds like antiperspirants, skin care products, vaccines, ant-acids and food additives could well be carcinogenic and implicated in breast cancer, according to Swiss scientists presenting their research in the International Journal of Cancer (Sept 2016).

Stefano J. Mandriota and André-Pascal Sappino from the Laboratoire de
Cancérogenèse Environnementale
were concerned that there had never really been any hard evidence that aluminium compounds caused cancer. So, using aluminium chloride, they injected mice at levels equivalent to those already found in women with breast cancer. They also used three levels of immune-impaired mice.

In the two groups of mice that had the worst immune systems there was clear evidence of tumour growth and metastases. They then repeated the experiments in vitro and found tumour growth and metastases in breast tissue for all three levels of immunity.

Their conclusions? For the first time we have proven that the level of aluminium found it breast tissue that is cancerous can be causal.

Chris Woollams , founder of CANCERactive and former Oxford University Biochemist said ’Why am I not surprised? Ten years ago Dr. Philippa Darbre, a CANCERactive patron was telling us all that Parabens, a common preservative, was in breast cancer tissue. She was attacked and ridiculed. By 2012 she had confirmed it, showing it was 4 times worse than originally estimated. In 2013 Professor Darbre proved it was causal. Now the cancer charities who receive funding from the companies making these every day products just don’t talk about it at all. The same will happen with aluminium. But at CANCERactive we uphold the precautionary principle. Where there is quality research expressing concern, its your right to know it and to take the action you see fit to preserve your health and that of your family".

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