Studies show pterostilibene from red wine is a powerful anticancer compound

Studies show pterostilibene from red wine is a powerful anticancer compound
More benefits of red grape bioactive compounds in cancer


Dr. Rei Wakimoto has shown(1) that pterostilibene found in red grapes and red wine could potentially be used in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. In particular, the results were dose-dependent and there was also a greater effect with more aggressive forms of breast cancer.
A second study(2) has shown near identical benefits with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
And a third study(3) has shown similar effects with mesothelioma cells. Resveratrol, another bioactive compound found in red grapes had previously been shown to be of benefit.  
Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCERactive said, “We talked about this compound in my book The Rainbow Diet, at launch 10 years ago!  While these new results look promising and I can understand the excitement of people with mesothelioma, what happens in the laboratory might not see the same result when the compound is simply digested. Still, it’s yet more strength to the argument for bioactive compounds, especially where the drugs offer little or nothing. There have also been a number of studies showing pterostilibene is effective against EGFR pathways found in breast cancer, NSCLC and even in glioma brain cancer.  Pterostilibene seems to make drugs like gefitinib and sertralane work better".


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