Statins keep prostate cancer at bay

Statins keep prostate cancer at bay

After major new controversies erupt over statins and how they fail to reduce heart diseases while adding side-effects like diabetes and sight problems, more uses are needed fast.

Right on cue comes research that shows taking statins extends survival in prostate patients. And there’s good logic for it.

Research in JAMA Oncology followed 926 men with advanced prostate cancer, of whom 31% were already taking a statin when they started hormone therapy.
Those taking the statin as well remained stable for 27.5 months, whereas those only on the hormone therapy were stable for an average of 17.4 months. The peak was 37.7 months.

Dr Lauren Harshman, a cancer specialist at the Lank Centre for Genito-urinary Oncology, at the Dana-Farber Institute, which is linked to Harvard Medical School in Boston, said: ‘This median ten-month benefit in delaying disease progression suggests that statins could be a valuable addition to our current therapies for prostate cancer’. 

Other cancers that might find benefit include breast, lung and colon.

A number of Integrative Doctors already use C-Statin in the treatment of these cancers as, for example, Triglyceride levels in the body have been found to be linked to prostate cancer progression, and cancer cells are known to build fat layers to help them divide and multiply.Statins are known to restrict cancer cells.

For example Care Oncology in Harley Street use both statins and metformin (which reduces blood glucose levels) to sot cancer ’feeding’.

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