Statins - now a ’wonder drug’ for cancer

Statins, the new wonder drug for heart problems and cholesterol have now been deemed a wonder drug for cancer, according to Jackilen Shannon of the Oregon Health and Science University. Apparently people taking them have a reduced risk of bowel cancer (51 per cent) and prostate cancer (56 per cent).

A study on the side effects of statins and a link with lowered coenzyme Q10 levels is apparently still waiting for comment from the FDA in America. Another concern in discussion is that these cholesterol-lowering drugs may promote the supply of new blood vessels, exactly what every young tumour needs.

However in the USA a new drug Avastin, has just received FDA approval. Its aim? To prevent the growth of a blood supply to tumours. It is effective only when used with chemotherapy, and has possible side effects of increased blood pressure, blood clots, diarrhoea and lowered white cell count (HSI).

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