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15 ways to prevent cancer

How do I prevent cancer?

In the past 30 years cancer rates have doubled in the UK. Meanwhile billions of pounds and dollars have been spent on cancer with a return of just 12 per cent improvement in 5-year survival rates according to the National Audit Office.

Open quotesThere has been little focus on prevention - lLittle focus directly on youClose quotes

During that time there has been little focus on prevention. Little focus directly on you, the ordinary person in the street; little on our children in their schools.

In the UK, whatever the authorities may say, there’s a complete lack of a detailed, general health campaign. And certainly a lack of information on cancer prevention. At CANCERactive we know. We conducted research on it and only 4 per cent of people could name anything that might cause cancer!

At CANCERactive we believe we/you simply cannot wait for scientists who may or may not come up with cures in 20 or 30 years time.

We are in a whirlwind of an epidemic, but one where we can make a big difference by taking matters into our own hands - albeit sometimes you will feel like you are running up a down escalator. So where can you start?

Firstly, we urge you to read two articles, ’As safe as Houses’ and  ’The 4 Pillars of Cancer’. The World Health Organisation has stated that the causes of cancer are poor diet, toxins and infection. We believe they left out mental state.

So we look at each of these and give you clues as to what can possibly make a difference to your life.

We Need To Be Grown-Up About Prevention

Open quotesWe do not believe any one thing really causes cancer - it is as individual as you areClose quotes

At CANCERactive we do not believe any one thing really causes cancer. Cancer cells are formed in a number of ways; cancer is as individual as you are. Everyday your immune system deals with and neutralises 200 or so pre-cancer and developing cancer cells. But poor diet, toxins, infection and even poor mental state all contribute to a reduction of your immune system, to the point where one day a rogue cell beats the system. And then your problems start. Cancer develops.

We genuinely believe that there is no single cause of cancer; no one thing (although, there is a fly apparently in Africa - but that’s another story).

We simply believe it’s time to be grown-up about cancer prevention, to stop the squabbling and put the general public first.

We know, from good scientific research, that some factors are implicated in cancer; that some things contribute to an increased risk. Smoking is one such factor, but to varying degrees there are others.

So we are not saying that any individual factor like dairy, or stress, or phthalates cause cancer. That would be quite wrong.

We are saying there are known contributors to increased risk, and it is your right to know these.

Open quotesWe aim to present the information in an easy to understand way, relevant to you, your family and your lifestyleClose quotes

More than that we aim to present the information in an easy to understand way, relevant to you, your family and your lifestyle so you can realise we are only talking about simple, small changes to your everyday life that you will hardly notice, yet just might help you avoid being a statistic in the next thirty or so years.

Why Take The Risk?

We have conducted a research study on cancer prevention in the UK. We know you want information, even on packaging. We know you are confused. We know nothing is happening in our schools.

And so we start with this website - a new consumer-friendly, non-doctorspeak site that is easy to use. We are not perfect and we still have a lot of things to do to this website, but you will see us evolve and improve over the next twelve months

On this website you will find:

* The 4 pillars of cancer - our overview.

* Why take the risk? - a number of downloadable leaflets that give you the information that might just help you.

* Articles and news - from our magazine icon and from all corners of the world.

* You can also link through to specific cancers or areas like nutrition in other sections of the site.

* Links to our books - especially relevant to prevention are:

* The Tree of Life - The Anti-Cancer Diet, or the newer book, ’The Rainbow diet and how it can help you beat cancer ’

* Oestrogen - The Killer In Our Midst

Plus the top selling cancer book - Everything You Need To Know To Help You Beat Cancer: Our bible. Easy to read, totally informative; it cannot fail to change your life. Written simply, in easy to understand, easy to use ways.

At CANCERactive - we’re here to prevent you dying of cancer.

No more, no less.

15 ways to prevent cancer
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