So what’s new in the great big world of health?

September 13th 2016


So what’s new in the great big world of health?

I thought I would pull out some news items - current and ones you may have missed - that really affect all of us. So here goes, all straight out of research!
Empowering you to make better health choices. Chris Woollams M.A. (Oxon)

1. Did you know that chemotherapy drugs damage levels of this essential vitamin

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, IBS, inflammation, bone strength - all put at risk by drugs. And this vitamin is essential.

2. Thyroid cancer surges due to over-diagnosis

You may think Thyroid cancer is rare. Not any more. And there are several reasons for this. But read this article before anyone comes near you with a scalpel!

3. "I’m confused - I’m doing so much, but am I missing important things?"

Building programmes to best fight cancer - 6 years or more ago, no one really knew anything except by reading icon. Now everybody reads all the articles and they do too much. Time and time again, I talk to people who are spending a fortune and trying everything. Yet they are missing out the important things they will help them rebuild their health.

And so, every month, I buddy a few people who need some help. I spend time with them, explaining. I tell them what is most relevant to their cancer, their lifestyle, and their needs. And, do you know what, more often than not, it works! Cancer is not rocket science - you just have to cover the bases.

4. Guess what he found in brain tumours?

Am American scientist has just found something in every brain tumour he looked at.

5. Death risk from cancer far worse than previously thought

I am rather getting to like Public Health, England. They seem to say things no one else dares to say.

6. Go in the sun or supplement

Public Health, England again, telling people what we’ve told them for years. But at least they have broken ranks. even if only for bone strength and to prevent osteoporosis!

They even said you can’t get enough from foods. Absolutely right!

7. Special Report: Chronic Inflammation - 15 steps you can take today

In the last e news I told you about the primer causes of Chronic Inflammation - the precursor to ALL Chronic Illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Parkinson’s, Dementia, IBS, Colitis, Diabetes, Heart problems, strokes and many more.

So here are 15 steps you can start taking today. This is a must read for everyone interested in their health.

8. Special Report: Why is there a surge in kids’ cancers?

There’s been a surge in child cancers. And the experts are clear as to ’Why?’ Interestingly, we have been telling you for a decade - and all I had to do was spruce up the original article a little.

Please pass this on to anyone with children.

9. Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer

Would you like to know the most important questions to ask before you agree to radiotherapy? Or surgery? Or chemotherapy? Would you like a review of each of the biggest cancers, or a review of the top alternative therapies? Or the best herbs? Or the best natural compounds? Or supplements?

It is ALL in the book. It was written to put it all in one place and save you months of chasing round the Internet reading reviews that are sometimes pure rubbish. No wonder people call this book ’My bible’. It certainly lives up to its title. If you have cancer, this is your essential guide.

10. Are you taking anti-depressants?

You need to read this!

11. Triclosan link to many health problems

It seems to turn up everywhere, but with the latest research suggesting it doesn’t even do the job it is supposed to, it’s best to steer clear.

12. Is diabetes linked to this common drug?

Is there a link? And why?

Please pass this e news and the links on to people you know who would appreciate more information like this.

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