So what am I as a 70-year old doing to beat my imminent demise from Coronavirus?

So what am I as a 70-year old doing to beat my imminent demise from Coronavirus?

"So what am I as a 70-year old doing to beat my imminent demise from Coronavirus?"

It's time to stand above the panic, the subjectivity and the doom-mongering, and take a calm, rational look at the statistics, the evidence and the science and try to help people help themselves beat Coronavirus, COVID-19. Empowering people to help themselves is what we do at CANCERactive. 

After my last e-magazine, I received a letter from someone, I think in America, who said he was worried about his ageing father and asked if I could tell him what I was doing to prevent my imminent demise. No insult taken!

First, let me tell you what I'm NOT going to do despite suggestions in the press. I am not going to take a 'flu shot. I have never had one, largely because I am a biochemist and I was trained in the knowledge that you have to know EXACTLY what a strain of a disease looks like in order to prepare a vaccine against it. A couple of years ago the UK Government Health Department openly admitted that, because they have to predict (guess) which strain of influenza will be arriving in the UK 18 months later, they got it wrong and the 'flu shots were a waste of time.

In reality, most 'flu viruses are pretty similar and a study based on 2880 people in the US Department of Defense showed that, unless you get it drastically wrong (as in the UK), some protection of normal 'flu viruses is afforded. BUT - there is a phenomenon called 'Virus Interference', which can cause an increased risk of other respiratory diseases. And I quote from the research - "Vaccine derived vaccine interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumonia virus" - indication some of those vaccinated with an ordinary 'flu shot ended up with Coronavirus in the USA in 'flu season 2017 - 2018. I bet you didn't know that?

If you want to read the updated facts on Coronavirus, COVID-19 -

Go to: Coronavirus - what the facts tell us - March 21st 2020

So what am I doing? 

First, you must self-isolate. Although many of us have a feeling of inevitability about contracting the disease, the figures to date don't show that. But better to be safe than sorry, especially if you are in a high risk category. (e.g. over 65 and with some sort of chronic illness). Keep out of harm's way must be the first principle.  If you do have it, self quarantine - otherwise you risk passing this on to countless others.

I made a point at the time the first cases appeared in Hong Kong. No planes should have been flying anywhere. Hong Kong is a major International Hub. Within a day, this virus went global. Governments woke up too late.

Next, apart from the normal – eating a Rainbow Diet, doing 100,000 steps a week (golf), using my home gym and swimming, going in the sun (or taking vitamin D3), taking fish oils and my own probiotic, turmeric (with olive oil and black pepper – it kills new viruses and microbes in the gut) and 5 mg melatonin at night – I have bought some immune boosters - vitamin C (1 gm - take with fat or oil), astaxanthin, grape seed extract and echinacea (also kills viruses) and these 4 sit on the kitchen table and every member of the family has to take one of each per day with their evening meal, so we are as strong as we can be.

The real issue is ‘If you get COVID-19 can you stop the pneumonia?’ The ‘flu part is clearly not going to kill you; it’s the pneumonia that kills you. I also presume with COVID-19 everybody gets viral pneumonia. I say this because more commonly, you get bacterial or even yeast-based pneumonia. But with COVID-19 the risk seems to be 100% viral pneumonia, and there are supposedly only a few things that can help fight a virus.

But that is not actually true – there is very little orthodox medicine that can help; but actually rather a lot of natural compounds that might be worth knowing about - Pau d’arco, artemisinin and olive leaf extract spring to mind, for example. So I wrote, then polished, an article for you all:

Go to: Ten anti-viral compounds from research

So what specifically am I taken to prevent becoming a statistic?

My wife and I are taking:

  1. Two of my Para Free Plus pills every morning – it contains lots of natural things viruses and pathogens hate, like garlic and olive leaf extract, which are anti-viral. I also take my probiotic, oregano oil and turmeric (2 gm with oil and black pepper).
  2. As I said above – to boost our immune systems we are all taking 1 gm vitamin C, astaxanthin, grape seed extract and echinacea (the latter also kills viruses). And we eat a strongly soluble fibre-rich diet to boost our gut and immune response anyway.
  3. I also have Pau d’arco, artemisinin and Goldenseal (all in the anti-viral article) in my cupboard ready to take if I go down with COVID-19. I’d pump up the Para Free to 9 a day in that event, as well and add my digestive/pancreatic enzymes as well.

Will this save my life?

No idea. But I can honestly say I have been taking most of those things on and off for years and I genuinely cannot remember when I last had ‘flu. It must be more than a decade ago.

I hope this helps.

March 21st  2020

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