Secondary Liver Cancer


Secondary Liver Cancer

The Glucose cycle – glycolysis

The liver is the largest organ of detoxification in the body. In cancer patients it fills with lactic acid from the unique cancer cell energy production systems – the liver turns this to glucose which in turn feeds the cancer cells ‘alien’ has taken over the mother ship – and this is why it is so important to clean up your liver and not consume any further glucose.

The Russians and an American doctor, John Gold, have clinical trials on a compound called Hydrazine Sulphate, which can successfully break up this glucose cycle in the body.

The liver also fills with dead cells, chemicals from chemotherapy, toxins, and becomes blocked by gallstones. These form, rather like pearls, from cholesterol around dead cells, dead bacteria or dead microbes/parasites.  You must clean your liver up.

Two other facts may be relevant:

(i) Vitamin K (in greens) at around 5x the RDA (RDA is about 65 micrograms) has been shown to help reduce the effects of cancer in the liver. (Washington, and Tokyo). In 6 out of 30 cases it actually stopped the spread. (Click here for more info)

(ii) Ultrasound. This is now being used in several hospitals in Europe to treat solid tumours in the liver. It has been used successfully to treat solid tumours in the kidney and prostate. It ‘melts’ them away without the usual side effects. Sadly the UK is well behind Europe on this Japanese/Chinese alternative to surgery. (Click here for more info)

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