Scientists claim new herbal salve for skin cancer

Scientists claim new herbal salve for skin cancer

Researchers at the University of Santiago, Chile, have developed an ointment from plant extracts and shown in clinical trials with animals that it is an effective treatment for skin cancer and melanoma. (4th March, 2016)

The herbal poultice works by increasing the visibility of the cancer cells to the immune system according to lead researcher Sofia Michelson.

Joint head of research Claudio Acuna stated that the biggest problem in melanoma was its ability to ‘hide’ from the immune system and the common shrub at the centre of the ointment prevented that.

The researchers found that the ointment needed to be added every three days for about a month onto the protected site.

The key issue is apparently to tackle the cancer before the tumour grows, and this cream does that more than doubling survival times.

Michaelson has presented a number of papers on clinical tests with skin cancer and plant based ointments in the past.

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