Rainbow Diet Recipes

Rainbow Diet Recipes

Barbara Cox - The food doctor

Cancer nutrition with Nutrichef

What do I eat if I have cancer? Preparing a diet for cancer is always hard. Cancer nutrition is not the same as eating when you are well.
Here Barbara Cox, the Nutrichef, gives her personal views for your cancer diet.

From time to time Barbara Cox, founder of the excellent Nutrichef, writes about cancer nutrition in icon magazine. If you have concern, eating a nourishing diet is good. But if it can be based around known anti-cancer foods like curcumin, or flax, or garlic, then so much the better. Here we have some anti-cancer all natural ingredients and recipes from Barbara. Your cancer diet starts here.

Barbara is passionate about food and the benefits people get from eating a healthy, well balanced diet. During her eight year stay in Japan, she was inspired by the fact that the Japanese have lower rates of cancer, heart disease and obesity than people in the UK, primarily because of their diet.

After returning to England, Barbara set up her own company, Nutrichef, which delivers a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner every day to customers homes.

Here are a few of her favourites (click on the title to go to the article).

Flax - the facts






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