Rainbow Diet - effective with Type-2 Diabetest

Rainbow Diet - effective with Type-2 Diabetest

Rainbow Diet works for diabetes too!

Cases of Type-2 Diabetes are growing dramatically in our modern world with over 380 million cases predicted in the World by 2025. Medical recommendations include combining drugs with losing weight and a low-fat diet.  However, according to research in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the recommendations are not as successful as eating a Rainbow Diet!

Researchers (we have covered their work before) from the Naples Department of Geriatrics and Metabolic Diseases looked at the diet because of its high content of active foods (like fish oils, olive oil, nuts, seeds, lignans and lycopene in tomatoes) that could control bad fat levels in the body. They then put the Rainbow Mediterranean Diet up against the normal medical recommendations for 215 overweight patients who had just been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and were divided into two groups.  

Newly diagnosed Type-2 Diabetes patients, fare better on a Rainbow Diet

Following the Rainbow Diet significantly delayed the need to take drugs. After 4 years only 44 per cent of people following a Rainbow Diet needed drugs, compared to 70 per cent on orthodox low-fat diets.

The Rainbow Diet group lost more weight even though they ate the same number of calories and took the same levels of exercise!

Type-2 diabetes, being overweight and poor sugar control are all linked to increased risks of cancer.

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