This section reviews some of the principles behind radiotherapy (called radiation treatment in the USA), why it is used and what happens. The articles can be found by clicking on the right hand drop down box Please select above. 

For a great place to start CLICK HERE - to read our TWENTY TIPS on what to do to get the best out of your radiotherapy, whilst minimising the damage and harm to your body.

We are adding to this section all the time in order to provide important help on issues such as:

* The targeting of Radiotherapy and how it can help after cancer surgery.

* The dangers of Radiotherapy beams, and the risk of side effects.

* The aims and success of radiotherapy, or radiation treatment.

* The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to minimise side-effects and promote healing.

* Diet and radiotherapy - clinical studies have shown how to minimise side effects using foods.

We also have reviews of which supplements can help improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy; and other ways you can reduce side effects such as burning. Plus an article by top machine manufacturers, Varian, on the future of radiotherapy.


We want to publish one statement - we found it in the Lancet Oncology, the journal of oncology, for doctors. When we said much the same thing in icon, we were deemed alarmist and the magazine was thrown out of two hospitals. We wonder what the oncologist there says to his patients about side effects. Our statement was, People about to undergo radiotherapy should ask their oncologist about possible side effects as the dangers and risks may not be insignificant. Judge for yourself. We also intend to publish an article from RAGE, the action group whose members have suffered from side effect issues.

So, this section should help you formulate a picture in your mind. At the moment it might not answer your questions, but it will allow you to ask the right ones of your oncologist.

More information may be found in our book "Everything You Need To Know To Help You Beat Cancer" (Click the title to go to the book).

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