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Powles Professor Trevor Powles, CBE, Former head of Breast Cancer at The Royal Marsden; now at Parkside Oncology Centre, Wimbledon with breast cancer still as his clinical interest.

This interview is with Professor Trevor Powles, for CANCERactive and was originally published in in October 2003 icon

Professor Trevor Powles CBE At A Glance

An authority on breast cancer. Born 20 minutes before his brother, he is slightly taller, with longer hair and wears a white coat at work. Both brothers are Professors at the Institute of Cancer Research. Rack in 1958, both studied at Barts (St Bartholomews), before Trevor went to Hammersmith Hospital to do endocrinology. In 1967. while working as surgeon on HMS City of Durban, he met Penny and they married a year later and have three children. He joined Ray, at The Royal Marsden, in 1971, where his pioneering work on risk and prevention of breast cancer in healthy women included the first Tamoxifen trials.

Open quotesHe has also led the way in reducing the number of
mastectomiesClose quotes

He has also led the way in reducing the number of mastectomies. Trevor retired from the Marsden at the end of March, just after he and Ray received CBEs for their services to cancer patients. Since then he has set up a breast cancer unit at the Parkside Oncology Clinic, where he is lead clinician and chairman of their medical advisory committee. He splits the rest of his week between the Lister Hospital and Barts, where he is involved in several breast cancer prevention trials. Trevor also advises pharmaceutical companies Eli Lilly and Pfizer on clinical trial results and procedures.

Click here to read the full interview including his twin brother Professor Ray Powles.



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