Professor Pfeifers Alternative Prostate cancer treatment

Professor Pfeifers Alternative Prostate cancer treatment

Bart’s Hospital Holds Prostate Trial using a cancer nutritional Therapy

(Chris Woollams, CANCERactive).

Professor Ben Pfeifer has developed an alternative prostate cancer treatment. In Switzerland it even has clinical trials behind it. It is an all natural treatment for hormone refractory prostate cancer.

Now Professor Tim Oliver at Barts Hospital, London, is conducting a 10 person trial on this alternative prostate cancer treatment, using the protocol (a cancer diet) devised by Pfeifer, formerly of the Aeskulap Clinic in Switzerland. This natural prostate cancer treatment involves all natural compounds, including Biobran, ProstaSol, Imupros and Curcumin complex, all supplied by the Really Healthy Company.

The trial follows an interesting personal story involving Al and Faith Smith. Al (71) was diagnosed with prostate cancer in late 2004. The cancer had already spread and he was prescribed the usual hormone therapies. However he was concerned over side-effects and that - in more than 50 per cent of patients - the body stops responding to the drugs after a few years.

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Faith (56), a writer, insisted Al try complementary therapies like Qi gong, and they visited the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.

After an initial period of remission, Als aggressive cancer returned and his PSA levels rocketed. Faith started her research into prostate cancer and this led her to Professor Ben Pfeifer, director of clinical research at the renowned Aeskulap Klinik in Switzerland. Pfeifer specialises in combining conventional and complementary cancer therapies.

Pfeifer has had great success in treating prostate cancer with a phytotherapy protocol of four supplements:

ProstaSol: a range of herbs and dietary supplements.

Imupros: containing vitamins, trace elements, lycopene, ginseng and green-tea extract.

Curcumin complex: an extract of the powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory Turmeric.

Biobran: made from mushroom enzyme action on rice bran, and has powerful immune-boosting abilities.

A one-year full clinical trial involving 184 patients with advanced and late stage prostate cancer saw two-thirds with decreased symptoms: PSA levels were reduced by up to 50 per cent, tumours shrunk and progression was inhibited.

The results then prompted a pan-European 5-year trial involving 1,250 men. Again, two- thirds of the men had a greatly improved condition.

Faith contacted Pfeifer, but found that the supplements cost 500 per month, and they were not available on the NHS. So she decided to take all the information on the protocol to top UK Doctors - and this led her to Professor Oliver.

Professor Oliver became interested by two factors - the pan-European research results and the fact that the protocol did not cause impotency. "Finding a treatment for men who no longer respond to conventional hormone treatment is the holy grail of prostate cancer. There is nothing I can offer these men in the long term. The average hormone therapy lasts two to four years".

The NHS would not fund the trial - more accurately this is a preliminary test not a trial- so Faith contacted the UK distributors ( who agreed to provide the supplements for free. Pfeifer agreed to liaise with the team at St. Bartholomews and provide all his experience and knowledge.

Al is the first British patient to take up the protocol. After just two weeks his PSA had halved and today it is below 7, having started at over 40. Als story can be found on:

Oliver is quite clear, "If I can confirm Pfeifers findings, we will do a further clinical research trial, properly approved and documented".

(Ed: We will stay with this story for the sake of all our readers with prostate cancer. We sincerely hope this progresses to a full clinical trial and that, now vitamins are classed as drugs, the NHS has the sense to fund the treatment. It is but a quarter of the cost of Herceptin and even less than the hormone therapy it replaces. You can find out more about the Therapy by clicking the tab on the left, on Professor Pfeifers protocol. However it should be noted that Ben Pfeifer has left the Aeskulap Klinik in Switzerland, although they seem to still be recommending Biobran, curcumin, and Imupros. There are reports that some supplies of ProstaSol, made in Holland were contaminated with oestrogen. We are trying to confirm or deny this.)

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