Problems with hospital waiting lists

HONEST! Problems with hospital waiting lists

The Government’s own official survey on hospital waiting lists in December is unlikely to fill patients with confidence.

The Audit Commission inspected 45 of the 186 English NHS Trusts and found that one in six did not accurately record waiting times for cancer patients.

The Commission gives no warning of an imminent check. It also found that a third of hospitals had made ’inappropriate adjustments’ to waiting lists, whilst another third had made alterations to the records ’without meaning to’.

Meanwhile other recently released official figures show that the number of NHS administrators, bureaucrats and managers now exceeds the number of hospital beds. Whilst the former has steadily grown to 211,650, the latter has declined by 59,000 in the last decade to 199,670 currently. Based on that linear graph, about 400,000 managers will be looking after one bed in approximately 30 years time. Whatever happened to doctors and nurses?

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