Poor diet leads to more deaths than drinking and smoking

Poor diet leads to more deaths than drinking and smoking

Poor diets kill more people than drinking or smoking according to a robust study from the University of Washington and part of the larger Global Burden of Disease study; sugar, sodium and processed meats are the worst culprits.

The 27-year study period ran to 2017 and analysed adults over 25 years of age from numerous countries. 15 dietary factors were monitored including positive factors such as fibre, omega-3 from fish, fruits, pulses, milk, nuts, seeds, olive oil, vegetables, whole grains and negative factors such as red meat, processed meat, sugar, trans fats and sodium.

Mathematical statistical models were then used to rank the results on each dietary factor in a list of Lifestyle factors including smoking, drinking alcohol, poor levels of exercise, obesity etc.

The researchers found that poor dietary habits were the largest cause of death – with too much processed meats, sugar and sodium and not enough nuts, seeds and whole grains leading the way.

The researchers suggested that people turned to the colourful Mediterranean diet. 

What was particularly interesting was that eating the good foods such as nuts, seeds, grains, fish omega 3, olive oil and vegetables seemed to completely counter the effects of a poor diet, correcting the bad effects.

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and a founder of CANCERactive said, “Yet again the research is clear. What is so odd is that UK Hospitals will immediately suggest cancer patients to stop smoking, but will not acknowledge that specific foods  like sugar, salt and processed meats are worse and that switching to the Rainbow Diet could make a big difference to a person’s longevity, including overcoming illness. Only recently, the colourful Rainbow Diet was voted the Healthiest Diet in the world and the top plant-based diet. I'm really not surprised. It has been around for centuries and clearly works."

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