Pet Health Secrets and useful Tips - Free E Book

Pet Health Secrets and useful Tips - Free E Book

Have you noticed how illness in pets is going through the roof in the Western World? The health insurance companies are doing big business in the whole new area of pets. Cancer, kidney disease, viruses, heartworm, dental disease, gut problems, obesity, fleas and ticks, arthritis, diabetes – the list is endless.

I don’t know about you, but we regard our dogs and cats as very much members of our family. But it is frightening to think that vitamin deficiency, toxins in the home and vaccines are actually more of a danger to them than humans. Just sitting on the family couch can put them at risk from toxic flame retardant chemicals! Eating cheap fish products can give them a life-threatening parasite. Would you eat from a dirty bowl? Sometimes, they do. How often do they chew a real bone? Or eat fresh food? Or raw food? As you go ‘toxin-free’ in your home, has the same applied to their flea shampoo?

As always, the truth is that there are important diet changes, alternative therapies, non-toxic treatments and incredibly simple health tips that can add up to make a big difference. Did you know there is one crucial vitamin that can make a really big difference to their health?

My mission has always been to empower you to make better personal choices about your health.

Now, this free E Book will enable you to make better choices about your Pet’s Health too! It’s called ‘Pet Health Secrets most Vets don’t tell you’; and the sad Truth is, most Vets simply don’t know about them. It’s the work of 30 experts in holistic pet care.

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