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Penny Brohn UK helps people to live well with the impact of cancer at any stage of their journey through a unique combination of physical, emotional and spiritual support, designed to work alongside medical treatment. 

We provide a range of services and courses which offer:

• Information and support

• Help in staying active and increasing physical activity

• Guidance on eating well

• Relaxation and Mindfulness

• One to one and group support

• Support with symptoms and side effects

If you are affected by cancer we are here for you. Our services are open to everybody over the age of 18 with a cancer diagnosis and a close supporter.

We offer our support free of charge, including accommodation on residential courses at our National Centre, thanks to the charitable donations and voluntary contributions which fund our work. We also run some of our ‘Living Well’ courses in partnership with NHS Trusts and other health organisations.

To find out more, call our helpline on 0303 3000 118, email us at [email protected] or click on the links below to visit our website.

What is the Bristol Whole Life Approach and the science behind it?

Support in your area

Residential & Non-residential courses

Regular Groups

Individual Sessions

Other facilities

For Healthcare Professionals

We continue to set the standard in complementary cancer care and have the support of leading oncologists, healthcare professionals and complementary therapists. Penny Brohn UK, formerly Bristol Cancer Help Centre, has been in existence for over 35 years and has provided invaluable support and care to many thousands of people. The charity’s team of therapists has had many years of experience of working with people with cancer and is drawn from medical, nursing, psychotherapy and varied complementary backgrounds. They are all members of their appropriate professional body and keep updated with developments in the field of complementary care.

“The Bristol Whole Life Approach represents the gold standard in complementary care in cancer” - Karol Sikora, Vice-President, Professor of Cancer Medicine, Imperial College, Hammersmith Hospital, London.

Although the work of the charity has developed over the years, the essence of the work remains constant – supporting people to learn how to help themselves and transform the crisis of cancer into an opportunity to enhance their quality of life.

For information

For more information on courses and support available contact 0303 3000 118 or email [email protected]

The Charity also has a website which details all the services and support on offer, visit

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