Ozone Therapy, tumour oxygenation and cancer

Ozone Therapy, tumour oxygenation and cancer

Ozone Therapy has been shown in a single Pilot study to convert the natural state of hypoxia in cancer tumours towards a state of hyperoxia, which weakens the tumours and cancer cells so that more can be killed by conventional chemotherapy drugs or radiotherapy; it is also known to be effective against microbes, viruses and parasites.

Hypoxia - the defence of a cancer tumour

Cancer tumours stop oxygen getting inside them through hypoxia - think of it as building a valve in the blood supply immediately before the tumour. Hypoxia is more like an oxygen-free vacuum. It is known that hypoxia reduces apoptosis (cancer cell death) and increases angiogenesis (blood supplies to the tumour) – the net result being a more aggressive tumour and increased chemotherapy and radiotherapy resistance.

In the Pilot Study research(1), Ozone Therapy helped overcome this. The most poorly oxygenated tumours benefit the most. However, the effects are reduced in people with higher hemoglobin levels.

Ozone Therapy health and cancer benefits

Known (3) to be an effective treatment for mucositis, psoriasis, acute pain, neurovascular diseases, viral infections, circulatory diseases and bacterial elimination (for example, in dental work), it is often talked about in connection with cancer but research evidence on cancer is poor. The above Pilot study was in 2004, since when there has been no follow up and few studies of merit. In the 2011 review (3) on Ozone, there are 4 clinical trials listed; none is with cancer.

One study did find ozone to be cytoxic to cancer cell lines (2) but this study was in vitro and involved the direct presence of ozone on a cancer cell. In clinical practice there is little if any similar contact, unless it was a colorectal tumour and the ozone could be fed by tube rectally.

Ozone and the cancer clinics

However, ozone has been widely used in German Clinics. Ozone Therapy treatment typically draws blood from the body, passes it through an ozone generator and replaces it in the body through transfusion.

It can be also used rectally to treat parasites and, where ozone can be put in direct contact with the infection, it will kill protozoa, parasites, bacteria, funghi, yeasts and viruses. 

Commented Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and a founder of CANCERactive, “Why am I so underwhelmed? When searching for hard research evidence on ozone therapy I found little, but that often one of the chief support points was how widely it is used in Clinics from Mexico to Istanbul. In truth, in what way does that give it research credibility? Parasite killing? We do that anyway in cancer patients using cheap herbs. Virus killing? Pau d'arco is a good place to start.

The main cancer discussion seems to be about hypoxia. But HBOT using oerdinary oxygen tackles that.  Hyperbaric Oxygen also has a meta-analysis of 90 research studies to support it. And the conversion of hypoxia to hyperoxia, the improvement in blood oxygen, the improvement of chemo and radiotherapy results, reduction in side-effects and more are all well documented and supported by a good number of studies. I’m not saying that Ozone Therapy can’t do the job, just that there really is little quality research to support it and, given the cost of Ozone Therapy in Germany against the cost of Hyperbaric Oxygen in Yorkshire, there’s really no comparison.

One of our breast cancer ladies had three sessions of HBOT a week for 6 weeks, got her oxygen levels to 100% and it cost just 180 pounds in total! She is completely clear of cancer almost 5 years on. 

Now compare that to the cost benefits of Ozone Therapy!”

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