Overcoming Cancer, a book edited by Ginny Fraser

Overcoming Cancer: 24 true stories of triumph and hope

At last a book which contains not just one person’s personal story of beating cancer, but 24 stories of real people, in real life situations who all achieved the true accolade of being real cancer survivors.

For the first time, all in one volume, are the stories of this amazing group of people, (Their experiences with cancer were first reported in the Living Proof section of icon magazine over the last seven years.)

These are 24 people with a cancer diagnosis who came back from the brink to run marathons, to raise kids, to climb mountains, to start charities and to live normal, healthy lives. Real cancer survivors all of whom beat cancer, with their own personal cancer-fighting programme.

Their stories take the reader through their cancer journey - from the emotional time of diagnosis, through the rigours of treatments - to their recovery. You will hear about their setbacks and their breakthroughs and everything they learnt about themselves and life along the way. 

Here are some examples: 

Carol had vulval cancer and recovered to start her own charity for women with this distressing and incredibly private cancer.

Bernie a welder from Newcastle recovered from melanoma in the eye and started working in healthcare.

Ann after a kidney removal due to cancer went on to run marathons, visit Australia, walk on a glacier, saw the Northern Lights and experienced a rainforest.

Geoff  Boycott the cricketing legend saved his voice after conquering oesophageal (throat) cancer.

Ginny beat melanoma, put this book together and now coaches others on recovery.

Scott only 28 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and now a marathon-running dad who is able to speak out about the importance of self-checking for men.

Plus Jane Plant, Beata Bishop and more..

This book is an essential for anyone with cancer who wants to know there IS hope, that there are many who have gone before them AND GOT BETTER.  And if those 24 can do it, SO CAN YOU!!

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