Our CANCERactive Mission

Our CANCERactive Mission

Chris Woollams MA OXON
(Editor: icon Magazine)


Our Mission

CANCERactive aims to provide all people, regardless of age, colour, sex, race, creed or financial status, highly usable, well-researched information on cancer, its causes and possible treatments, to empower readers so that they can make more informed personal choices and thus increase their individual odds of beating the disease.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted and most comprehensive source of information on holistic, integrated, or integrative cancer therapies, and on cancer prevention in the UK. We will have no sponsors who could influence the information we provide to people. No vested interests. No conflict of interest. We seek only to be truthful and so help people beat cancer.

Our Ethics

Easy-to-access, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, jargon-free, well-researched information. "People-speak", not "Doctor-speak". Truly Independent.We will take no money from any source that might seek to influence our views.  An objective and balanced voice.

Our People

We only work with people who have been themselves touched by cancer, because we want people who truly understand. We aim to be the patients’ champion. Written by people touched by cancer, for people touched by cancer.

Intelligent Information. Independent Voice


CANCERactive Mission
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