Organising a Meal with Appeal

A Little Help Along The Way

How Big A Deal Is Your Meal?

Think about how many people you would like to come to your meal. Will it just be friends and family or would you like to extend the invitation to neighbours, work colleagues or members of your local club?


Choose Your Venue

Once you have decided on how many people to invite, decide how much space you will need. If you’re planning a small intimate occasion, your home may be the ideal place, or you may wish to make it a larger event and hire a hall at your local church, school or community centre.

Dream A Theme

Make this a fun filled event. Encourage guests to dress up for the occasion. Host a Sunday lunch for friends and family, an Italian evening for neighbours or invite your work colleagues to a lunch with a difference.

Invite Your Guests

Now’s the time to send out invitations to friends, family and your neighbours. If you are planning a larger occasion in a local hall your may want to publicise it locally by using a poster which is available and adapting it for your event.


Make A Date

You can plan your meal for any time during our Cancer Prevention fortnight 13th-26th November 2006. Make a date in your diary and inform your friends and family. Why not call your local newspaper and tell them all about it!

Helping Our Appeal From Your Meal

Why not ask everyone to donate an amount for their meal? You may want to decide on an amount per head in advance.

Why not request a donation box for your table? If you are involving work colleagues does your company have a matched giving scheme where, for every pound employees raise for the charity, the company will donate a further pound?


When your meal is over and your friends and family have gone home, please send all donations to CANCERactive.

The funds you help raise will go towards

Free icon magazines into over 200 hospitals

Catherine Corners (Information Resource Centres)


Website - 800 pages of up to the minute information on cancer and prevention

Schools Prevention Project

Index - The comprehensive guide to cancer help

Please Note!

Health and safety at home, such as keeping paths and doorways free of obstructions or keeping your guests away from thecooking area is mostly a matter of common sense.At work please talk through your event plans with your Health and SafetyOfficer to ensure your event is as safe as possible for you and your colleagues. If you would like any further advice your localcouncil is usually happy to give guidance about how to make your event as safe as possible for you and your guests.

CANCERactive cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury from your event. CANCERactive’s insurance doesnot cover your property or the property of your helpers or guests, nor does it cover personal liability suffered by yourself oranyone else as a result of taking part in MEAL WITH APPEAL.

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