Oestrogen Mimic Effects

Oestrogen mimics (xenoestrogens) are widely diverse and it is, frankly, hard to test all of them. Worse still, many of them only form once inside the body, and worst of all, these effects have been found to be cumulative. David Feldman, Professor at Stanford University has voiced the view that, "The cumulative effect of xenoestrogens may be much greater than any individual molecule".

Open quotesThe cumulative effect of xenoestrogens may be much greater than any individual moleculeClose quotes

Now this fear has been clearly established as truth by Anna Soto of Tufts Cancer Research centre in the USA. She took ten chemicals each well below the Government safe limits for each and showed that in animals the summation of the ten produced a full oestrogen response.

This is a potentially enormous finding. You may remember that in icon we reported a study from the Journal of Applied Physiology 2003: 94, that showed toxins accumulated at certain points in the lungs at 400 times normal levels. These similar findings point to one fundamental observation: that the Government cannot set ’safe’ limits per ingredient any more. And we simply cannot wait to have 4000 household products, toiletries, cosmetic, glues, fax ink ingredients (etc, etc) tested when the FDA acknowledge that it takes at least 9 months to test just one.

The only safe answer is to vote with your wallets and seek out products that are completely toxin free. Clean up your homes, Kitchens and bathrooms - and read the icon articles ’Toxic Toiletries’ and ’Safe as Houses’. Start today.

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