Now vitamin D is shown to prevent bladder cancer

Now vitamin D is shown to prevent bladder cancer

We have told you how good blood serum levels prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer plus several others. Now it’s the turn of bladder cancer.

The positive studies on other cancers caused Dr. Nuria Malets and her team at the Spanish Cancer Research Center to look at the vitamins merits in bladder cancer prevention and, yes, yet again the results are clear.

Researchers divided the 2,000 or more test subjects into two equal halves. One half were had bladder cancer and the other half didn’t. Then they used the standard blood serum test, which measures the active form of vitamin D3, produced in the kidneys, as their analysis method.

They concluded that a low vitamin D3 level doubles the chance of bladder cancer - the 1,000 bladder cancer patients had significantly lower serum D3 levels than the 1,000 without bladder cancer. (Journal of the National Cancer Institute)

Cancer Prevention
So next time you read that 50 per cent of cancers are your fault and to prevent cancer you should eat less, drink less, take more exercise, avoid cigarette smoking and too much sun, please remember those rules do not come from CANCERactive. On the contrary we believe CANCER prevention should start as follows:

1) Eat a Rainbow Diet of whole foods vegetables, grains, fruits, and even a glass of red wine

2) Avoid cows dairy, common glucose and common salt
3) Avoid smoking

4) Exercise weight control be up to 5 per cent underweight if possible.
5) Take light exercise for 30 minutes every day

6) Supplement with daily fish oils, a multivitamin and mineral in liquid form, curcumin and resveratrol; plus multi-strain probiotics, coenzyme Q10 and melatonin if you are over 50; and 5,000 IUs of vitamin D if you cannot get 45 minutes in the sunshine that day.

And this is all backed by countless research studies on our website.


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