Nottingham Cancer Patients & Carers Support Group

This group meets from 2pm to 4pm on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the new Macmillan Centre (there is no December meeting) at QMC. All meetings and refreshments are free of charge.


We welcome offers from healthcare professionals & complimentary therapists.


The aim of these monthly meetings is to provide an opportunity for people affected by cancer, family carers, their friends and healthcare professionals involved in providing services to people with cancer, to meet in a friendly, supported, social setting, to share their knowledge, skills and experience in a positive way, whilst seeking to promote maximum health and well-being.







Freda Ingall


Tel:  0115 931 3541


Email:  [email protected]


Marjorie Green


Tel:  0115 9267070


Alison Hall


Tel:  0115 840 2850


Email:  [email protected]





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