No link between prostate cancer and testosterone levels

No link between prostate cancer and testosterone levels

There is absolutely no evidence of a link between prostate cancer and blood testosterone levels according to a review of two meta-analyses conducted by Dr. Peter Boyle; indeed other research has suggested that prostate cancer might be treated using testosterone therapy. 

As we have told you at CANCERactive for more than 12 years, oncologists who blame your prostate cancer on high testosterone may merely be quoting an old wives’ tale rather than up-to-date science..

Back in 2004, at CANCERactive, we covered research that oestrogen was involved and turned nice safe, usually declining, testosterone in the over 50s into Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, and this did the damage. One study we covered showed that chemicals, which were oestrogen mimics, had the same effect.

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This 2015 review was presented by Peter Boyle, MD, of the International Prevention Research Institute in Ecully France at a press conference during the American Urological Association Annual get together. 

His conclusions, drawn from two meta-studies were that endogenous serum testosterone levels are not associated with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels or the risk of developing prostate cancer, nor is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for symptomatic hypogonadism. "Many urologists are concerned that TRT may accelerate prostate growth not only in benign disease but also in cancer," according to Boyle. "In both cases this seems untrue".

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This is not the only time that this conclusion has been reached. In a study from researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, Harvard and the University of Colorado. the team concluded that "Contrary to traditional teaching, high endogenous serum testosterone does not increase the risk of developing prostate cancer, and low serum testosterone does not protect against Prostate cancer."  In fact the researchers went on to say that there was a link between low testosterone and poor prostate prognosis, and that people on testosterone therapy had no increased risk. And if they already had the disease, no increased progression. They even concluded that "it may be reasonable to consider testosterone therapy in men with prostate cancer". (!)

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