NICE misses out effective treatments for Prostate cancer

NICE misses out effective treatments for Prostate cancer

In May 2019 NICE updated its guidelines for prostate cancer, but mentioned only surgery and radiotherapy as clinical options, and none of brachytherapy, ablation, cryoablation, HIFU or Proton Beam, which are more widely available in other countries.

NICE concluded that men with low-risk prostate cancer contained in the prostate should be offered radiotherapy, surgery or active surveillance.

Specifically, NICE recommended hypofractionated intensitymodulated radiotherapy plus, where appropriate, simultaneous androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for localized disease. No change since 2014 guidelines, has been made to the surgical option (robotassisted radical prostatectomy). While the oncological and functional outcomes are no different to open surgery there is less blood loss and shorter time to catheter removal after robotic surgery.

Based on the STAMPEDE trial results, docetaxel is recommended for metastasis in addition to ADT and can be considered for highrisk patients receiving ADT and radiotherapy.

But men in America and Europe have more options.

Where the cancer is confined, of course one option is Active Surveillance but there are no recommendations on improving this. As Professor Robert Thomas showed the world in a Clinical trial, compounds such as pomegranate, broccoli, EGCG from Green Tea and curcumin can slow down the need for surgery by 4 years and reduce PSA levels by 67%. Other polyphenols like resveratrol are also useful, and tomatoes and lycopene have been shown important in this by Harvard Medical School researchers.

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Thereafter, there are a number of treatments available to Americans and Europeans.

  • Surgery – robotic or open
  • Radiotherapy
  • Brachytherapy
  • Ablation, or cryoablation
  • HIFU
  • Proton Beam Therapy

All of these can be found discussed in detail on the CANCERactive site and we have patients who have contacted us and found each successful.

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No mention for PMSA or DHT as a more accurate test than PSA was covered. Of major concern to men are the dual side-effects of incontinence and impotence. As readers descend the above list, those two side-effects tend to decrease. However in countries where people have to pay for treatment, the costs as you descend the list, increase.

CANCERactive is a major source of information on options for concerned men, as are some of the top American Hospital Websites.

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