New Theory Of Cancer

Important Tips to prevent cancer

Stems cells are "parent" cells. They differentiate to become any and all of the 200 or more different types of cell in the body. From eyes, to toes and nerves to skin.

Open quotesGenetic changes in these stems cells prevent their differentiationClose quotes

Professor Timothy Wang and his team at Columbia University reported in Science (Nov 2004) that genetic changes in these stems cells prevent their differentiation. So they remain fast growing cells that do not die, and can develop into cancers.

However, when studying stomach cancer, Wang discovered that the actual problem was not gastric stem cells but bone marrow cells, which normally circulate freely around the body dealing with and healing inflammation and injury. This theory would mean the orthodox textbooks on the causes of cancer would need re-writing.

Interestingly, in studies with mice, the bone marrow cells were attracted to a location suffering from inflammation (Ed: See Volume 4, Issue 1’s Hot Gossip).

Important Tips to prevent cancer
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