New research from the Institute of Cancer Research is clear: HRT TRIPLES a womans risk of breast cancer.

New research from the Institute of Cancer Research is clear: HRT TRIPLES a womans risk of breast cancer.

Research from the Institute of Cancer Research in the UK is clear: HRT TRIPLES a woman’s risk of breast cancer. This apparently ‘is far higher than previously thought’.

Not by us at CANCERactive, it’s not! We have told women repeatedly since 2005 about the risks of HRT. Of course people with vested interests covered it up or, rather, just didn’t properly detail the research.  But we warned women that if it were a herb or a vitamin it would have been instantly banned.

In one study, the mixed pill caused 100% increased risk of breast cancer and the study had to be terminated early; the oestrogen-only pill increased risk by a quarter in that same study. The latter figure was exactly in line with that found in the Boston Nurses study, recorded over 20 years ago.

Shame on all of you in cancer research who repeatedly ignored these findings.  Even now, although they say ‘the evidence against HRT is strong’, Cancer Research UK compare it favourably to smoking or being overweight. But these are not just something started after 50 for a few years to treat hot flushes, but life-time habits which show big numbers of cancer cases. That Cancer Research would even consider comparing a few years on HRT with a lifetime smoking says it all. 

In 2006, the research then showed that women who were on HRT for 11 years had a 40% increased risk of Ovarian cancer too. And combined HRT (the oestrogen and progesterone combined pill) DOUBLED your risk of Breast cancer. If you use it for more than 10 years the risks increased far more.  Concerns appeared for colorectal cancer too.

GO To: Curcumin reduces risk of breast cancer in women using HRT

The new research ‘clarifies’ previous studies, apparently. Meanwhile how much profit has been made, and how many women have developed cancer and died? It’s disgusting.

This is why, at CANCERactive, we use the Precautionary Principle in Cancer Prevention. Where risk has been shown, we tell you clearly and 100% accurately. It’s your right to know and to act accordingly.


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