New phone masts not being given the green light

Originally published in icon Issue 1 2007

In recent weeks there seems to be a growing move to common sense by our town councils.

Firstly, Bournemouth council turned down plans by O2 to erect a mast near homes.  Inspector Phil Grainger, for the Government, turned down O2’s subsequent appeal saying, “the proposed mast would affect the quality of life for nearby residents, who have concerns about health implications” (Newsquest Media).  Our own patron Cllr Dr John Millward added,  “This is a victory for common sense.  The proposed mast was to be disguised as a telegraph pole!”

Another mast turned down was to be erected by T mobile on Grove Road in London, next to houses, shops and flats.  The local publican Mr Higgins raised 100 signatures in his pub and all expressed health and aesthetic concerns.  (Archant Regional/Evening News).

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