My Journey of Hope Denise Stevenson

My Journey of Hope Denise Stevenson


My Journey of Hope
Denise Stevenson

As I ended the call to Wendy I found myself reflecting on why I am writing this. Hope. The past two years have taught me that there is no such thing as false hope, only hope. I'm writing this to give you hope:

Denise in a mirrorTwo years ago I was told by an impressive medical line up of oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons that there was no option but to remove my left breast, which at that time contained an aggressive HER2+ tumour and other cancerous-looking traces.

Looking back at my medical record it states that I was having trouble accepting that diagnosis.

Too right I was; I have a strong faith and God had promised me, in His still, quiet voice, that a knife would not touch my body. It was He who gave me hope, above and beyond the prognosis of the medical team assembled before me.

26/06/2019 15:06:50

I do not know which part of the protocol I set myself worked. I suspect it was the combination of many prayers, a strict dairy, and sugar-free organic diet, water-fasting around the chemotherapy sessions I had, the plethora of vitamins and supplements I took daily, the positive mindset I maintained (mostly) aerobics classes I forced myself to do and the rest that I gratefully embraced. I'm regularly told that there is no golden bullet where cancer is concerned, but something halted a wasn't swiftly growing tumour in its tracks before chemotherapy even hit my veins. It just the chemotherapy drugs that shrunk my tumour from 5.5cm to next to nothing within 3 short months.

I have recorded my experience to give others hope. To share the research that Id studied; the websites Id Googled, the PubMed research articles Id attempted to decipher, British Medical Journal reports on the efficacy of fasting, and on it goes. 

03/07/2019 16:17:02


I took back responsibility for my healing after being told there was nothing I could do, except sport, exercise is good. 


Chris books were some of the first that I read during my very own Journey of Hope. I will always be grateful for what I learned from them. The CANCERactive Facebook group is also a wonderful source of information and support.

Chris personal story touched me and as an ex-work colleague of his passed me The Rainbow Diet and Everything You Need to Know to Help You Beat Cancer I devoured them, trusting the personal recommendation and Chris impressive qualifications.

My surgeon was amazed the tumour was no longer showing on the MRI he scheduled half-way through chemotherapy. Do you want to know what I am doing? I asked. He 03/07/2019 16:46:56listened intently. Just keep doing it his response.

With a set directive in front of him, he had to recommend lymph node removal. I believe we both knew they'd come back from the lab clear. They did; clear and healthy, but sadly no longer of use to my body. I live with the consequences of having that surgery daily. No lymphoedema, yet, but a life-long possibility. 


From a grim stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis I am today healthy and whole. I have learned so much. Prevention is priceless and there is much we can do to protect our bodies from cancer calling and re-dress the balance of the dis-ease if it does. 

I wish I knew then what I know now. If sharing my story continues to help others, then continue I will.

I am a living example of the power of prayer and the difference lifestyle and diet can make in reversing a body-changing prognosis.

Writing was the means of expressing myself when the words could not be formed from my ulcer-filled mouth. I pray they give you the hope that I found.

Bio; Denise Stevenson is a church founder, author, and speaker, living in South-West France with her husband and three daughters. Today she has No Evidence of Disease.

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