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Dr Rob Verkerk and his team at The Alliance for Natural Health have now challenged the EU in the European Court of Justice, over their incredibly stupid and biased law over vitamins. Incredibly, the UK Government didn’t bother to turn up and we now await the court’s verdict.

Open quotesThe UK Government didn’t bother to turn up and we now await the court’s verdictClose quotes

You may have seen Carole Caplin, Jenny Seagrove and others lobbying the Government, and claiming that the UK Government was saying one thing to the UK public, whilst the opposite to Europe. They also claim only 28 vitamins and minerals will be left, available for sale, and these do not include the likes of magnesium and boron both essential to your health especially as you age.

The Alliance team urge voters to make this an election issue, since both the Conservatives and the LibDems pledge to overturn the loony law. They already overruled it in the House of Lords, but somehow the Government ignored this.

My concern is somewhat different. If this law does still go through the only vitamins left on the High Street will be synthetic. And we are already seeing the first pieces of research evidence that whilst natural may well be beneficial, synthetic substitutes may even be harmful. And that really scares me.

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