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2015 Research

Whilst your GP or oncologist may devote little attention to your immune system when you are diagnosed with cancer, at least now scientists are focused on improving a person’s immune response to a cancer. 

A number of global advances have already occurred - amongst the most advanced immunotherapies are the ones that make use of natural antibodies and proteins such as Nascent Biotech, Inc, the developer of two immunotherapies, Multipharm and Pritumumab.

Multipharm is a platform technology that makes use of multiple agents, like antibodies and cytokines, in cancer treatment. It is also being considered as a potential therapy for organ transplantation and various autoimmune disorders. 

Pritumumab uses a natural human antibody to treat brain cancer.

It has already been used to treat around 250 patients during its Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, with patients increasing their overall survival rate by 25 to 30 per cent.

Immunotherapies are simply Complementary and Integrative Medicine in action. American oncology departments are driving CIM, although Cancer Active has argued this is the future of cancer therapy for almost thirteen years now. Sloan-Kettering in America are saying that immunotherapies will be used in conjunction with existing orthodox therapies and they already believe their new drugs available increase survival times by up to two and a half years.

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2015 Research
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