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If you have a railway line at the bottom of your garden, an electricity substation next door, or pylons and phone masts dotted around your neighbourhood, read on to find out how you can minimise the effects of EMFs (Electric and Magnetic Fields) on your health - other than moving home, of course.

Whatever age we are, whether were married, single, parents, career-minded or unemployed theres one thing we are all affected by every day - and thats stress. Now, not all stress is toxic. Some is necessary and can be positive, driving us on to achieve things we never thought possible, but, increasingly, the influences of environmental stress are encroaching on our waking and, more importantly, our sleeping hours.

There have been huge transformations in our physical environment in the last few centuries. Housing and transport development has disturbed the natural landscape, and the explosion in communications technology has introduced electro-magnetic fields that permeate our bodies. Some people, including dowsers and kinesiologists Jacqui Beacon and David Gillett, from Environmental Harmony, say that these changes have destroyed the balance of natural forces in the home and workplace, causing three main categories of environmental stress:

GEOPATHIC caused by distortions in the earths structure, such as land development and natural movement.

ELECTRO-MAGNETIC which comes from power-induced electrical appliances and installations, it covers a vast electro-magnetic spectrum, including frequencies used for radar, radio and microwave.

GEOPSYCHIC which is caused by negative thought patterns. These set up resonances, affecting both buildings and land, which may persist for hundreds of years unless cleared.

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Researchers around the world have shown that these environmental stresses can trigger or aggravate health problems such as cancer, MS ME, learning difficulties, allergies, headaches, depression and insomnia. Professor Denis Henshaw of Bristol University has spent years studying the effects of EMFs and has linked them to an increased risk of childhood ieukaemia, brain and other cancers. As early as 1929, Von Pohl found a connection between geopathic stress and cancer. He dowsed every home in a German village, without knowing anything about the present or previous occupants, and his investigations showed that all the cancer cases and cancer-related deaths in the village had occurred in houses where the underground current was particularly strong: (i.e. geopathically stressed).


He advised residents to move their beds, but that is not always possible in todays homes, where space is at a premium. And thats where people like Jacqui and David come in with their home harmonisation skills and range of seven products, including Energy Mixing Beacons. "We balance the whole home so the bed can stay where it is," Jacqui explains. "We can place Energy Mixing Beacons in strategic positions to balance the property, and give the occupants a greater sense of wellbeing. Getting good sleep is very important. EMFs can stop your body repairing itself properly, while youre sleeping, which affects your immune system and leads to illness. People dont realise that its not just whats in the room that affects you, but whats on the other side of the wall."

One of Jacquis most memorable visits was to a woman who greeted her on the doorstep saying her goldfish had just died. And it wasnt the first to have passed away in that house. Jacqui looked around and found a microwave cooker in the kitchen on the other side of the wall. "Every time she turned it on, she was zapping her poor goldfish," Jacqui explains. "All the EMFs were going through the wall and into the goldfish bowl. People dont realise. Some people in flats have the headboards of their beds positioned so that the computer, fridge or cooker is on the other side of the wall. You can imagine what that does for your health."

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Environmental Harmony can work "remotely", by asking a series of questions about the propertys location and who lives there, before consulting special maps and "tuning in" to the property. Jacqui and David then advise on what needs to be done and where to put appropriate products. On-site visits are necessary for complex cases, or when people have serious illnesses. Then the couple use dowsing rods and meters to measure the exact locations and level of the various stresses. They spend around five hours in each property.


"We went to see one lady whose son had epilepsy," Jacqui recalls. "Dave put the Tri-field meter (which measures EMFs) in the bath and it read quite low. Then suddenly it shot right up. All shed done was turn on the hot tap in the kitchen. We had the same result with the hot taps in the bathroom, which showed us that as soon as the boiler switched on it created a huge magnetic field. The boiler was inadequately wired and wasnt earthed. It was also directly beneath the bath, in the basement. She then told us that her son often got epileptic fits while having a bath, or just afterwards. She couldnt afford to get an electrician in to earth the boiler, but her sons fits went down considerably by having Beacons by the electric meter and around the house."

According to the remote diagnosis Jacqui and David carried out for me, I am very lucky as my house is remarkably free from environmental stress (also lucky their remote tuning doesnt pick up on looming deadline anxieties!). I was told that while an average home can need between three and six products to achieve harmony, I would only need one, to balance a bit of geopathic and geopsychic stress, but its not essential.

Environmental Harmony provides simple advice for anyone wanting to make their home safer (see below), but one thing Jacqui stresses is to avoid having digital cordless phones (analogue ones are better). "They might be convenient, but I would tell anyone with cancer to get rid of them because the waves still come out of the base station, even if youre not using them. The fields can go up through three floors, so anyone living in flats beware. Ive been to a house where the noise, registering on our equipment, was so bad that even the pillows were resounding - and the phone wasnt in that room. As soon as it was unplugged, the resounding stopped."

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Ive heard what these Energy Mixing Beacons do, and seen them (they are handmade blue or green sealed glass bottles containing a natural mineral, crystals and a self-cleansing mechanism) but how do they work? "The cleansing article is made of copper and has an ancient geometric configuration in the middle, which is part of its success when weve processed the mineral. Its a bit like a light bulb, explains David, "you can see the light but not the heat coming from it. This is a frequency that is fed onto the mineral. It creates a field that actually oscillates, quietly brushing your auric field (the electric and magnetic and thermal fields that radiate from the body). The products are the anchors of the energy that they have balanced. Microwave bands and the whole electromagnetic spectrum penetrate the auric field of the body and we have various ways of tackling it. We know that the products correct the magnetic field to magnetic north, this has been measured, but importantly these products are not magnetic at all."


Jacqui and David made their first products in Canada with their partner, nutritional expert Peter Webb. "We made them in jam jars and put them in the basements of Canadian houses," recalls David. "It was an extraordinary thing, but people felt so much better that we realised it wasnt just placebo".

The most difficult product to develop was the Harmony Token, which is a ceramic disc, containing 2,800 colours to rebuild and repair the body at a cellular level. They are currently testing a cream, containing an organic mineral base used by American Indians for healing.

Some of the techniques Jacqui and David describe sound very unusual, but, in the 12 years that Environmental Harmony has been harmonising, their products have been placed in hundreds of homes. There are pages of glowing testimonials covering everything from peoples sickness during chemo being relieved, through to aches, childrens behavioural problems and even cases of ME and tinnitus disappearing. We at CANCERactive cant say their methods definitely work, but they cant hurt - and the following tips certainly make a lot of sense.

Reducing manmade electro-magnetic stress in your home

  • Call in an electrician to check your wiring, if your home has not been rewired for more than 20 years.

  • Be aware where you position TVs, hi-fis, computers and battery chargers, as their EMFs can penetrate through walls.

  • Avoid installing a satellite dish on the wall immediately behind the bed area, or make sure the television is earthed.

  • Use battery alarm clocks, instead of electric ones, or keep them at least four feet away from the bed.

  • Do not trail or coil wires under beds and turn off and unplug any equipment immediately behind them (apart from side lights).

  • Avoid placing a bed above fluorescent lights in the kitchen, as these emit radiation which can cause bed springs to be passive resonators of EMFs.

  • Do not have the meter and fuse box in the bedroom, or directly above or below the bed areas. This is particularly important in childrens rooms.

  • If you insist on keeping your microwave, unplug it when not in use and do not put it under the central heating boiler as the microwave radiation may affect the water in your system. Microwaves will also travel into nearby refrigerators and food cupboards, affecting the quality of food.

Remote harmonisation costs from 150 and on-site visits from 320.

For a fuller list and more information, please contact Environmental Harmony on: 020 8455 7912 or 01986 784700 or log onto their website:

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