Mental State, stress and cancer

Does your mental state determine your health? Is mental state an issue in developing cancer? And in beating cancer?



Your mood determines your hormone levels - an animal should be in a state of homeostasis with its hormones balanced. What happens if you are stressed, your cortisol levels too high? Cant sleep, your melatonin levels diminished? Your hormones become imbalanced. Others like insulin, oestrogen and IGF-1 have increased levels as a result. And these hormones cause an increase of inflammation and even cancer risk.

We know, from numerous books and studies that cancer patients are often the nicest people, They try to please everyone else, putting themselves last. They dont make time for themselves to relax, take exercise, eat properly. They feel guilty about not seeing and helping everyone. They often find themselves in the wrong job unable to complain because they are not like that. They get frustrated and often cant get things off their chests. And more.



There are clinical trials on the ability of yoga to reduce cortisol levels, on melatonins ability to balance IGF-1 and oestrogen and on meditation prior to surgery and the subsequent reduction of blood loss.
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For an overall picture read, How your mental state can help fight your cancer  and try our little test to improve your mental state.
Mental State, stress and cancer
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