London Hospitals cutting carbs to tackle brain tumours

2015 Research
We have told you about the Rainbow Diet repeatedly, the good fat, low carb, high bioactive compound diet that originated from research Chris Woollams put together about the Mediterranean Diet and the French Paradox. The French eat more fat and consume more alcohol than most other nations but have less cancer and heart disease. The Epicenter of this, according to research conducted inside France is around Toulouse where they eat even more fat and drink even more wine, yet have even less cancer and heart disease.


Then along came the Ketogenic diet, which we have covered extensively in CANCERactive – it’s a high good fat, low carb, low-ish protein diet, that seems to work in cases of epilepsy, and is growing in credibility for brain tumours, other cancers and even diseases like dementia.


And so it was interesting to hear of conversations with oncologists at the St Thomas’ (Guy’s Group) of Hospitals in London. This is where Chris’ daughter Catherine was once treated for her brain tumour. Chris even tells a story that he was horrified to see her eating ice cream and drinking volumes of Ribena whilst in Hospital. He questioned the oncologist suggesting Catherine stopped having sugar. One Oncologist turned to another and laughing said, “Chris wants to stop glycolysis”. 14 years on, it seems, so do they. They are, apparently getting ‘significantly better survival times’ by using the Atkins diet with brain tumour patients. Remember the Atkin’s Diet ( Well, it’s a low carb diet.


Sugar causes cancer and feeds it. And people with cancer and high blood sugar levels survive least. But then Chris has been telling you that since 2006.


One interesting blog you might read is


It is written by a lady who is managing her grade 2 brain tumour with a ketogenic diet. Rainbow, Ketogenic, Atkin’s, Shakespeare.


2015 Research
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