Living near mobile phone base stations - research worries

Living near mobile phone base stations – research worries.

In Neurotoxicology (18th July 2006) research from the Faculty of Medicine, Menoufiya University, Egypt (G. Abdel-Rassoul et al) studied the concerns of possible hazardous effects of exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RFR) emitted from mobile phone base stations, on the human nervous system.  A group of people were chosen living near Egypt’s first mobile phone base station, and compared with a control group under no such influences.

The prevalence of neuropsychiatric complaints were significantly higher amongst the exposed group (headache 23.5%, memory changes 28.2%, dizziness 18.8%, tremors 9.4%, depressive symptoms 21.7% and sleep disturbance 23.5%).  In problem solving tests, visuomotor speed tests, attention tests and short-term auditory tests, the local residents all performed significantly worse than the members of the control group, despite the phone base station RFR measures being well within guidelines.


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