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This book addresses the evidence behind practical lifestyle choices which confront us on a daily basis.  It is only based on published facts, dispelling myths and hearsay guiding readers to a natural healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. This edition has been extensively updated in response to new international research and positive feedback from readers and is now supported by a foreword from Paula Radcliffe. What some of the 5000 readers of the sell out first edition have said:
"This book has been fundamental in providing well needed support and arming my mother with the tools to win her own personal marathon" Paula Radcliffe.
"This book stands out from the crowd - it sorts out the wheat from the Chaff. My lifestyle bible, it helped me to recover earlier with more confidence" Cecilia Nicholson journalist
As we have a family history of breast cancer, this book has guided me to a lifestyle to reduce my own risks, explaining clearly why, how and what really matters in my daily routine" Liz Bray
One of the most common and important questions asked by people following a diagnosis of cancer, is; What can we do to help yourselves? The answers are provided by this completely revised and updated book. This 2011 edition describes the high quality research from around the world which has demonstrated that diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes can; help avoid cancer especially if you have a family history or genetic risk; help you cope with treatments side effects; reduce the risks of complications of cancer treatments; slow the rate of progression of cancer and help prevent your cancer relapsing.
This book contains practical guidance written in a concise, friendly style by a leading cancer doctor with the help of numerous patients who have survived cancer and its treatments. It consists of clear one line bullet points based only on the proven facts summarising "What to do" and "What not to do". 
The author Professor Robert Thomas is one of the UK’s leading experts in lifestyle, information and quality of life research, voted both Hospital Doctor magazine Doctor of the Year and Pfizer, Oncologist of the Year. Since the first edition of the book he has been commissioned to review the international evidence for lifestyle and cancer for the Macmillan survivorship programme and now chairs their survivorship advisory committee. He has published the world’s largest prospective lifestyle study involving men with prostate cancer and has designed and started three other major lifestyle studies.
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